Team Seabuck

A Message from Our Founder, Bruce McMullin:

“At SeaBuck 7 we strive to enhances the lives of all pets and their owners. We know that pets are more than just companions- They’re members of the family. The unique fatty acid properties and quality of our products translates directly to a better quality of life for your animal friends. Through creative innovation and a focus on natural health and the environment, we forge new pathways to provide only the best in product choices for your four-legged friends.”

Entrepreneur and humanitarian Bruce McMullin founded SeaBuck 7 a few years after taking his adopted daughter back to her birthplace in India.

Nico Khanna, a local medical professional that specialized in Ayurvedic practices, introduced him to the miraculous superfood. McMullin was so amazed by what he heard that he decided to expand his research. After several years of uncovering documented reports and studies done throughout Eastern civilizations and certain parts of Europe; plus initiating studies in the United States, he decided that the sea buckthorn berry was something he needed to offer to improve the health of animals and humans alike. Fast forward to today and SeaBuck 7 plus its sister line Sibu Beauty are the two most-respected and successful sea buckthorn companies on earth.

McMullin is not one to rest on his laurels. In addition to being a member of the International Sea Buckthorn Association and a featured speaker at numerous conferences, he recently started the USSA (United States Seabuckthorn Association) and has spearheaded promoting numerous academic and scientific studies on the health and wellness benefits of the berry and the treasure trove of nutrients it contains including the powerful and amazing Omega 7.

He continues to travel the globe in search of premium sea buckthorn plants and remains committed to numerous philanthropic and humanitarian efforts.