I am truly excited and impressed with the results

I am truly excited and impressed with the results I and my clients have experienced with the introduction of Sea Buck to the feeding program. From foals, to horses in training/competition, I have seen significant results to the overall health of these horses – they look better, feel better and perform better. There is a ton of research behind this product so perhaps I should not be so surprised with the results I am seeing.

– Vet – Kentucky

I was amazed at the difference it made.

I have a 20 year old gelding “Kiddin” I run on the barrels. I was having a tremendous amount of trouble with him last year refusing to go in the gate, so much so that he was starting to rare and strike when I was trying to get him in. He is a cribber and while I have never had him scoped, I suspected he was dealing with ulcers. I started Seabuck in March of this year on advice from my trainer. “Wow” is all I have to say. I was amazed at the difference it made. Not only does Kiddin look better but he feels better. I entered the Xtreme Barrel Race in Salina, UT in May and was very nervous about getting Kiddin into the arena, as you have to go into a holding pen and then into an alley. Not only did I not have trouble getting him into the holding pen, but he took off like a rocket into the alley way and I actually had to slow him up a bit. He never refused me once. I believe in Seabuck and will continue to use the product.

– Kammy – Idaho

What a difference!

I have a 5 yo quarter horse gelding. As a 4 yo he was losing weight, had a rough discolored coat and was a pacer. I finally took him to my vet who tubed and wormed him routinely. We placed him on some other products for 60 days. After 60 days, we put him on SeaBuck Complete and: What a difference! He gained weight and his coat is slick and shiny……. Thanks for the great product. I am using it on my other horses.

– Donald – Washington

It has really made a differnce in my horses

I have been using Seabuck for two months and it has really made a differnce in my horses. This past weekend, I was Reserve Canadian College Barrel Racing Champion as well as the season leader.

– Lacey – Canada

I was totally amazed

I do not know if it’s even possible but I’m already seeing a difference in Levi! Today was day 4 of his Seabuck. I took him to “slow work” him as I am bringing him back after being off for about a month. He has been so lethargic and it’s been such an effort to make him want to move or run that I just really didn’t want to ride him. I worked him today and see such a difference. He actually has energy! I didn’t have to beg him to move out. He did it on his own. He wasn’t hyped-up or racey, just a willing worker. He was calm as always but you couldn’t call him sluggish or lazy today. I was totally amazed and I am starting to see a glimpse of hope that I will have my running horse back soon.

– Kate – Kansas

my six year old gelding started being more consistent and less nervous

After a couple of uses, my six year old gelding started being more consistent and less nervous. He has placed in or won several barrel race averages since I have had him on the product. Before, he was very hit and miss.

– Cathy – California

SeaBuck Complete is great and it works.

I have tried many different ulcer products through the years and was a big skeptic on this one. Well let me tell you that SeaBuck Complete is great and it works. In just a few short weeks my gelding was looking and acting so much better. I was even able to take my usually nervous and scared horse to his first rodeo and he walked in like he owned the place. I will be putting all my horses on it and I cannot thank you enough for offering such an awesome product!

– Laura – Kansas

In just 3 short months she was extremely healthy

In January of 2010 I was at the end of my rope trying everything to help my APHA mare “Molly” with her ulcers and nervousness. I tried herbs, supplements etc. to keep her calm and happy. I researched online for human’s ulcer natural treatments and found sea buckthorn as a great answer. I was elated to find Seabuck Complete and immediately ordered it for my girl. In just 3 short months she was extremely healthy and is now expecting a foal by Clinton Anderson’s stallion “Jag”. I can’t wait to see a healthy baby that has been on SeaBuck Complete since conception. This baby will be a pure Seabuck baby from conception throughout his entire life.

– Kim – Oregon

I love what this has done

I love what this has done for my horses that are on it and I can tell a difference in the ones that are receiving it and the ones that are not.

This product is great

To horseman & cattleman alike , This product is great I have used Seabuck on my horses for about three yeas. With the help of this product ,I have won four world & res world championships in the halter horses and now I’m using it on my show cattle & we’re winning !!!! It makes the cattle calm and relax and eat great, and in five days I seen my calves eaten better. THANKS!

Absolutely love it.

My mare has a healthy appetite and also stays a lot more focused now. She looks good and feels good. I have currently started the rest of my horses on it too!

Have less gut problems and horses seem calmer.

Seabuck has made my horse much more quiet and focused on what he is doing.

Although I have only started selling Seabuck Complete to a few customers, all of them –100% — have reported very positive results and are continuing to use the product (including myself for my horse). My horse didn’t have gastric problems, but she looks beautifully shiny and dappled. One of my customers has a horse that continually had gas and often gas coliced. Her horse is completely fine now. Slowly but surely, the discomfort disappeared over a period of a month. She said that the only thing that she had changed in her horse’s feeding regimen was the Seabuck and she contributes her horse’s recovery to it! Thanks for such an excellent product!

My futurity horse, who was extremely nervous and scared, is now mellow and focused. And that’s after only 3 weeks.

I think it is the best product on the market.

I recommend it to everyone I talk to. I think it is the best product on the market.

I am so glad we tried it and that it worked.

I have an Irish Sport Horse mare that lost her mom to colic before she was ready to be weaned. Since then, we had problems with lots of colic/ulcer issues, two trips to the vet hospital, three treatments with expensive ulcer medicine, MANY local vet visits. Not a month went by that we didn’t think we might lose her. My daughter, a vet, sent me a study of the effects of Seabuck. I thought it was kind of hokey, but by this time, I was willing to do anything, even dance naked by the light of the moon, to get this mare healthy. So I thought, Hey, why not? She is now, knock on wood, very good. Maybe it is just timely, maybe it is coincidence, maybe it is voodoo, but I don’t care. I am just so glad my daughter saw the article and sent it to me. I am so glad we tried it and that it worked. I have told my local vet about it and she is going to recommend Seabuck to other owners of “poor tummy” horses. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I used to sit with Holly and rub her ears, and promise her all the things we would do when she got better. She used to groan and lie on her side during her bad times. We spent a lot of time on the floor of the arena waiting for the vet. Now, we are preparing for all those things I promised we would do! Yea!

I love it! My whole barn is on it. Every type of horse from ranch, barrel, roping, they have all done well on it!

I have noticed this product has improved my horses in their overall well being.

I worked as the National Equine Sales rep for Nutritech in NZ ( New Zealand ) up until August last year and started using this product when Keri got the samples for us. I really like what it does for the horses especially if you have an animal that’s been depressed or ill for any reason. I feed my horses exceptionally well so they always look and feel in good condition but I have noticed that when I give them Seabuck in addition that I get the “look at me” factor out of them as well. The horses find this product extremely palatable so I know I can add it to the feed without worry or refusal. I like that it is an all natural product as well and I don’t have to worry about it swabbing when I go to the races.

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Better eggs

Taste richer, more rich in color. People have been saying the eggs are tasting sweeter too. The eggs are more flavorful.

– April

My chickens do great on this product

I started this supplement not knowing what to expect. Within days of using I started seeing a difference of the amount of feed they would eat. But yet act as if it’s a treat when I first set it down. Their laying increased and new layers began to lay. Egg size and quality is outstanding. My chickens that were healthy chickens before started looking like brand new chickens. Their feathers just seemed to look and feel a lot healthier. My chickens do great on this product and I plan to continue use and expand and start giving it to my other flock.

– Sarah

I noticed a huge change in temperament

Prior to starting the seabuck chicken supplement, we took in 3 rescue chickens. When they came to us they were suffering from poor nutrition, bad tempers, unhealthy skin, bumble foot among others. The first 4 eggs they laid had no shell or incredibly soft shell, as in so thin you couldn’t pick the egg up without it disintegrating. They pecked at anyone who came near them. We integrated them into our backyard flock of 7, for a total of 10 hens. The new chickens continued to be uneasy and fight with the older hens, and run panicked into the fence when anyone came near- this after weeks of integrating them. To get them to eat, I would have to lock the original 7 hens up and give the other 3 free reign of the coop. Once, we started the supplement, several things immediately became clear- the first and most noticeable was that the hens who previously would not eat unless the original 7 were cooped up, would belly up to the food dish with everyone else to eat. Shortly after, I noticed a huge change in temperament, including a marked decrease in aggression and fear of the original hens. Their combs stopped drooping, and the actually started laying eggs, which had not been the case previously- after the first 4 shell less eggs, we had not gotten an egg from them until after starting the supplement. During the month of giving the supplement, I also had 6 of my original hens go through molt. Their transition through molting was quicker and they emerged from it looking healthier and laying a better quality egg. I credit the seabuck supplement for that. I worried when I started that it would be difficult to tell if the hens were getting all the supplement I was giving them, not wanting to deal with wasted product. My fears were soon laid to rest- they eat the pellets coated in seabuck supplement first, picking them out from the rest. I am able, at this point, to let all 10 chickens out to peck around in the yard, something I never thought would actually happen. The new hens are completely integrated into the flock and our family and are doing great. Thank you!

– Michelle

Chickens loved this product

I love this product.my chickens loved this product. I’m not sure if it was the taste or the fact it was something new but when it was added to their food they went crazy! They were eating it faster than I could lay feed down. I have noticed my chickens who had bald spots from mating are starting to regrow feathers. I have tried cat food tuna and feather fixer for months now and saw little results. I believe this is a good supplement to add to your chicken feed.

– Melissa