Become a Dealer

SeaBuck Dealer Information and Application:

SeaBuck would like to thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer. Below are the simple details and stipulations of being a dealer and then a few questions.

The SeaBuck dealer program is simple and straight-forward. There is no obligation and no restrictions on who can be a dealer. It’s all dependent on each dealer’s purchasing within a calendar year. The details are as follows:

Required of Dealer to qualify:

  • Purchase at least 1 case every 2 months or 6 cases per year
  • Pay for shipping
  • Order all products by the case (see delaer price list)

Provided by SeaBuck:

  • Special dealer-only pricing (see dealer price list)
  • Exclusive promotions and access to exclusive products
  • Dealer pricing on all products (as long as delaer qualifies under 1 product)
  • Special dealer “swag” as available (tee-shirts, hats, patches, decals, etc)

To clarify one slightly confusing point, Dealers get “dealer pricing” on ALL SeaBuck products as long as they “qualify” (by purchasing 6 cases per year) under at least 1 SeaBuck product. That pricing only applies when the product is purchase by the case and Dealer pays shipping.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below:


Thanks, and welcome aboard. All you have to do is call 866-593-9446 and place your first order over the phone. We’ll keep track of you purchasing and as long as you order 6 cases of your qualifying product in the next 12 months, you will remain a SeaBuck dealer with it’s perks and special pricing!

Prefer to print or email your application?