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4 reviews for SeaBuck 7 Backyard Chicken (liquid)

  1. Arlene

    I love this product, because my hen love when I put it on there food. I noticed there feathers look better. My hens are not at laying age yet.

    • Peter

      Thanks for the comment, Arlene!

  2. Jen Motoyoshi

    I can’t say enough about Seabuck 7!! My hens look like new! Their skin, eyes, feathers, and combs look vibrant and healthy! The egg production sped up and the eggs are larger and more brillant in yolk color than ever before! Customer for life, thanks for making my flock healthy and happy! Jen M. in MN

    • Peter

      Thanks, Jen! So glad to hear your girls are doing so well!

  3. Karen Barnts

    My hens love Sea buck7 I sell eggs and I have a 100 hens. they love it. thanks

  4. Mary

    Love this product and so do my chickens. Could see a difference the next day!

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SeaBuck 7 Backyard Chicken

Chicken Nutritional Supplement

Test Results

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Only 5 Cents Per Chicken, Per Day!
SeaBuck 7 Backyard Chicken is a dietary supplement for all chickens (as well as turkeys, ducks, and other poultry animals), but specifically designed to benefit laying hens and egg quality/quantity. This $29.95 product supports up to 20 chickens for a month. If you have a small flock of 6 or so birds, this product will last for up to 90 days.

Benefits Include:

  • 50%-100% increase in egg production
  • Improved egg quality and nutrient profile
  • Up to 4 weeks earlier start to laying in juveniles
  • Healthier feathers and skin
  • Healthier waddle and comb
  • Better resistance to disease

The Product – Seabuck 7 – Backyard Chicken is made of our signature Premium Himalayan SeaBuckthorn, with the highest levels of Omega 7 and 190+ other bioactive compounds found to cause positive health benefits in humans and a wide variety of other animals. This product is also 99.9% natural.

A Daily Treat! – Chickens LOVE this product on their feed. It’s like a treat and a healthy boost every day. Bag the mealworm treats and switch to a treat that makes your birds healthier and happier!

Get More Eggs! – SeaBuck 7 has been shown in numerous trials now to cause chickens to produce up to 100% more eggs. The eggs are typically larger, have harder shells, and taste better. They also have a thicker, darker yolk, typically indicative of a more nutritious egg with higher Omega 3 levels.

Save Money! – If your primary reason for having backyard chickens is for the fresh eggs, you can reduce the number of chickens you have to care for and support, and get the same number of eggs. Increase egg production of the hens you have by feeding them SeaBuck 7 daily. If you don’t want fewer chickens, you’ll have more eggs to sell or give to your happy neighbors!


2.5 times more eggs!
“I used this for 4 weeks in my flock. I had 7 layers at that time. When I started the supplement, I was only getting 15 eggs a week. At the end of 4 weeks, I was getting 40 eggs a week. My hens loved it and would follow me to the feeders to get to eat the supplement as soon as I sprinkled their food.”

– Shannon

Better eggs

Taste richer, more rich in color. People have been saying the eggs are tasting sweeter too. The eggs are more flavorful.

– April

My chickens do great on this product

I started this supplement not knowing what to expect. Within days of using I started seeing a difference of the amount of feed they would eat. But yet act as if it’s a treat when I first set it down. Their laying increased and new layers began to lay. Egg size and quality is outstanding. My chickens that were healthy chickens before started looking like brand new chickens. Their feathers just seemed to look and feel a lot healthier. My chickens do great on this product and I plan to continue use and expand and start giving it to my other flock.

– Sarah

Chickens loved this product

I love this chickens loved this product. I’m not sure if it was the taste or the fact it was something new but when it was added to their food they went crazy! They were eating it faster than I could lay feed down. I have noticed my chickens who had bald spots from mating are starting to regrow feathers. I have tried cat food tuna and feather fixer for months now and saw little results. I believe this is a good supplement to add to your chicken feed.

– Melissa