The Science of SeaBuck 7

A significant part of the science of SeaBuck 7 is the extensive and controlled processing methods used in the harvesting and processing of the berries. For over forty years, the founders of the SeaBuck 7 Company have been investigating the impact of the seabuckthorn plant. In order for the fruit of the plant to retain its natural benefits, it must be harvested and processed in specific ways. The SeaBuck 7 Company has developed unique and proprietary processes and formulas for all aspects of handling and processing the fruit of this amazing plant. The end result is a formulation that ensures that the properties of the plant are protected and insulated in every container of SeaBuck 7.

Early Oriental horsemen knew that seabuckthorn plant parts made their horses healthier and stronger, and that was the extent of their science. There it is… it works! Today we are more sophisticated and have exotic laboratory equipment and test environments that help us identify the many compounds and the technical benefits of the amazing seabuckthorn plant… and the bottom line is… it still works. SeaBuck 7 has been developed to capture the strengths of seabuckthorn for horses.

SeaBuck 7 provides the benefits of seabuckthorn in a user-friendly container for your convenience. It has been carefully structured to offer the shelf life trainers need along with the taste benefits horses desire to support healthy digestion. It offers many kinds of substances such as terpenes – powerful alkanoids that promote good health – and flavones, such as quercetin, which are considered to be some of the most exciting compounds in anti-oxidant research.

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