Equine Digestion

A horse’s digestive system is one of the most delicate yet complex bio-systems in the animal world. The horse benefits most when the overall system works properly and the horse eats and drinks well. Studies have been conducted on the positive effects of seabuckthorn on the digestive system and on the positive effects of seabuckthorn on digestive health.

Seabuckthorn has been shown to be beneficial in supporting normal healthy digestion in over 240 published studies. Seabuck is a seabuckthorn based all natural equine product for all breeds and classes of horses that supports healthy digestive function.

It is a historical fact that the seabuckthorn plant has been used for thousands of years by the celebrated horsemen of the Far East. The ancient Greeks found that their horses were healthier, their coats turned very shiny, and they gained remarkable weight. This is how seabuckthorn got its Latin name. “Hippo” stands for horse and “phaos”means to shine; hence it’s botanical name “Hippophae” or ‘Shiny Horse’.

Just as the ancient warrior’s life depended upon the health and stamina of his horses, the modern horse professional’s success is totally dependant upon maximizing the overall health and performance fo his athletes in training. SeaBuck has been developed to capture the strengths of seabuckthorn for the benefit of horses in today’s exacting market.

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