(The article below is an experience from an equine professional, but the same benefits have been seen across all types of mammals)


Rates Increase from 20% to 80%

Champion trainer, rider, and judge Julie Winkel reports a 60% increase in motility in one of her stallions. Julie attributes this increase to the addition of SeaBuck Complete to the horse’s diet. An all-natural feed supplement, SeaBuck Complete has been shown to dramatically improve and enhance the health and performance of horses. Now, studies confirm the finding of increased fertility in stallions-an unbelievable benefit for breeders.

Winkel owns and operates Maplewood Stables in Reno, Nevada. She began using SeaBuck Complete to improve the strength and endurance of her show horses. After seeing firsthand the benefits of SeaBuck Complete, she decided to test its effectiveness with motility. She tested her horse before giving him the product and his motility rate was 20%. After using SeaBuck Complete for just two months, Winkel tested the horse again and found that his motility rate had increased to 80%.

Other trainers and breeders agree with Winkel’s findings. Kirsten Martin, owner of a breeding and showing operation in Illinois, reports that she has eight horses on SeaBuck Complete and “their motility is greater since being on the SeaBuck.”

Rick Rosachi, a well-known trainer/breeder, says this: “Our stallion, the 1999 AQHA Super Horse, “Look Who’s Larkin”, has been on SeaBuck and is at the top of his game from both a breeding and showing standpoint.”

Texas A&M did a study where large doses of Omega 3 were used to increase fertility in horses. This enables breeders to ship the semen to the farms rather than having to ship the stud. Some horses do not ship well so this increases the availability to breed them.

By feeding SeaBuck Complete, which contains significant amounts of Omega 3, breeders are able to increase the chance of fertility.

SeaBuck Complete provides many other health benefits as well. The all natural ingredients in SeaBuck Complete are what make it so incredible. A blend of sea buckthorn berries and juice, and oil from China, India, Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia make it an excellent source of nutrition for all breeds of horses. The sea buckthorn plant has been found to contain over 190 nutrients rich in flavones, lipids and fatty acids. It contains essential vitamins, minerals and omegas essential for horse health and peak performance.

SeaBuck Equine promises to change the horse industry throughout the world by making SeaBuck Complete available to the general public. Breeders, leisure riders and professionals can now benefit from the nutritional and medicinal qualities SeaBuck Complete provides their horse.