2017 SeaBuck 7 Endorsers and Testimonials

Kelli Barichello – Barrel Racer


  • 23 years old
  • Based in Kennewick, WA
  • 2016 Competing in: BRN4D, BBR, Future Fortunes, WPRA, RFDTV THE AMERICAN.
  • 2012- Columbia River Circuit Wpra permit holder of the year.
  • 2015-Reno American Qualifier, placed 6th.
  • 2015-Autumn Daze Champion & Fast time of the weekend.
  • 2016- American Semi Finals Qualifier & top 30 qualifier.
  • 2016- RFDTV The American Rodeo top 10 Qualifier, Came in 5th.
  • 2016- VGBRA Sweepstakes Champion
  • 2016- Bud Light Race 2000 Champion
  • 2016- Rolling Hills Equestrian Center Corning, CA Arena Record Holder!

“I’ve been feeding Seabuck 7 to my barrel horses and stud “Dats Last Frenchman” for over three years now. It’s part of my daily feeding program. Seabuck does so much for a horse’s all-around health and performance. I see a huge difference in my horses’ coats. They are so soft and shiny. They develop a strong top line of muscle. Their stomachs don’t bother them and no more ulcer problems! They keep weight on under stress and traveling. I’ve also noticed a very high, focused energy – the good kind of energy you want in a performance horse. Seabuck 7 is something my horses love and it shows. Happy barrel horses…Happy barrel racer!”

Natalie Foutch – Barrel Racer


  • Based in Eldora, IA
  • Graduated at University of Wisconsin, River Falls.
  • Married, mother to 1 amazing son Drake.
  • 4 X Great Lakes Circuit Qualifier, That’s Sterling & Maggie’s Moon Fire.
  • 3 X  WPRA Great Lakes Circuit Champion
  • Average Champion WPRA Great Lakes Circuit, IRCA
  • 3 X Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo Qualifier
  • Maggie’s Moon Fire “Orville” voted “Horse of the Year”  WPRA Great Lakes Circuit, URA & IRCA.
  • Winner of multiple Pro Rodeos, including Hamel, MN. Kansas City, MO and Austin, TX
  • Finished 17th in the World Standings 2013.  Exceeds $100,000 in Life Time Earnings.
  • Barrel horse trainer.

“In 2013 I was making a run for the NFR and late in the season, my great horse Orville got sick with ulcers.  He was scoped after being on SeaBuck 7 for a few months. After the scope him the vet replied how pristine his stomach looked and was surprised considering our hauling schedule.  Orville has been on SeaBuck7 for 7 years now and it has kept him strong, focused and competitive”

Nicole Riggle – Barrel Racer


  • 22 years old
  • Grew up in Woodinville, WA
  • Based in Scottsdale, AZ
  • Competing in pro rodeos through the WPRA since 2013
  • Top 50 in the world 2013 & 2014
  • 2013 Turquoise Circuit Rookie of the year & circuit finals qualifier
  • 2014 California Circuit Finals Qualifier
  • 2015 RFDTV American Semi Finals Qualifier
  • 2016 two time RFDTV American Semi Finals Qualifier

“I started using Seabuck 7 when I bought my good horse “Shoe” from Bobo McMillan in the fall of 2013. I then introduced it to all of my other horses and saw a huge difference. My foals (who often times are sensitive to different hay or grain) no longer had those reactions. My performance horses were much happier and healthier on the road. I had numerous horses with stomach and ulcer issues. Feeding Seabuck 7 to those horses has made a world of a difference. My favorite part about Seabuck is the way it makes a horse’s top line look. Instead of putting fat on a horses belly it spreads it throughout the entire body giving you a very healthy looking horse. Seabuck is something I will never go without in my horses feeding program”

Randall Carlisle: – Calf-Roper


  • 29 years old
  • Based in Athens, LA
  • From Lipan Texas
  • 2016- RFD The American in Dallas
  • 3rd at Rodeo Houston
  • Montgomery Alabama champion
  • Invited to the best of the best calf roping in Joplin
  • 2015- champion at Rodeo Austin
  • Top 30 in world standings
  • 2014- top 20 in world standings
  • 2013- NFR qualifier
  • NFR go round win
  • NFR placing in avg
  • 8 horse trailers
  • 86 saddles

“I’m a calf roper in the PRCA and travel with my horses to over 80 rodeos per year, which can put a lot of stress on my horses. I have used Seabuck 7 for 6 months now. This product has helped my horses keep their appetite, gain weight on the road and maintain the high, focused energy you want in a performance horse. I have always looked for a product to give my horses an edge in competition. I feel that I have found that edge with Seabuck 7. Try it on your horses and you will notice a difference too”

Sarah Jones Tittel


  • 30 years old
  • Based in Pueblo, CO and Wittmann, AZ
  • From Walla Walla, WA
  • Graduated Central Washington University with Bachelors degree in Business Administration specializing in Human Resources
  • 2016 Competing in: Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, Canadian Professional Rodeo Association, BRN4D, World Series Team Roping, and United States Team Roping Championships.
  • Won both rounds and the average of the WPRA permit finals
  • BRN4D Finals 1D Multiple round and 1D Average Champion
  • VGBRA Maturity Champion and Reserve Champion
  • Autumn Days Average Champion
  • CPRA Finals Qualifier in the Team Roping
  • VGBRA and SandCup Futurity Money Earner
  • WBRA Maturity Champion
  • Multiple 1D Barrel Racing Winner

“Seabuck7 equine is simply amazing! I am so impressed by the dramatic improvement I have seen in the body condition and overall health exuding from my horses now. I saw results within a week. Long trailer hauls and stressful rodeo environments are hard on my horses, however, with Seabuck7 they are shinier, fuller, have increased appetites, and are less anxious. With ulcer problems in the past, my favorite thing about Seabuck7 is the healing and protection it provides for my horses stomachs so they can perform at their best. I am excited to have an all natural product with so many positive benefits including not only making my equine partners look great but feel great!”

Ryon Tittel- Team Roping Heeler


  • 38 Years Old
  • Based in Pueblo, CO and Wittmann, AZ
  • Graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelors Degree in Equine Science
  • 2005 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Qualifier
  • 2014 Canadian World Champion Heeler
  • All time record setter for season earnings in Team Roping for Canada Pro Rodeo
  • 5X Mountain States PRCA Circuit Champion
  • 5X Dodge National Circuit Finals Qualifier
  • Multiple PRCA Rodeo Champion
  • Multiple Colorado Professional Rodeo Assoc. Year End Heeling Champion

“After trying Seabuck7 I realize now that this product is a must for my performance horses. I am truly amazed at the benefits of this product. My horses have never looked better. With the schedule that I have my horses are subject to the stress of hauling and competing. Seabuck7 maintains healthy digestion and reduces the negative effects of stress to keep my horses ulcer free and competing at a high level. I have had issues in the past with my heel horse Roany losing weight and not drinking like he should on the road but with Seabuck7 he has gained weight and drinks more frequently. I like that this is an all natural product that provides anti-inflammatory functions as well to keep my horses feeling good during the grind of the rodeo season. I am excited about this product and what it does for the long term health for my horses”

Past Endorsements

Blane Schvaneveldt
All-Time Leading Quarter Horse Trainer
J.D. Yates
21-Time NFR Qualifier
John Bassett
Champion Racehorse Trainer
John Brocklebank
World Renound Trainer

Jaime Gomez
Champion Racehorse Trainer

Deb Renger
2007 CFR Barrel Racer Champion

Dennis Ekins
Champion Racehorse Trainer
Rachael Myllymaki
Seven-Time NFR Qualifier
Dwayne “Sleepy” Gilbreath
Champion Racehorse Trainee
Kelly Yates
Four-Time NFR Qualifier
Kevin Winkel
Champion Hunter-Jumper Rider
Danyelle Campbell
NFR Qualifier
Julie Winkel
Champion Hunter-Jumper & Member
of the US Olympic Equine Committee
Terry Wood-Gates
Champion Barrel Racer
Carrie Thompson
Champion Barrel Racer
Norma Wood
Champion Barrel Racer
Jeff Mullins
Champion Thoroughbred Horse Trainer

Blane Schvaneveldt owns just about every record in the Los Alamitos record books, including the most wins with nearly 3,650 and most stakes wins. Blane has captured 38 quarter horse training titles. He has been awarded the AQHA title of Champion Trainer twelve out of the twenty times it has been awarded.

Blane is also a top breeder and owner of horses. Last year he as the fifth leading breeder in the nation by races won, with Schvaneveldt-bred horses winning 63 races from 380 starts with $582,133. Blane is a member of the AQHA Hall of Fame and the Idaho Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame.

Before one of their sales, Blane asked his brother Monty to pick out a couple of the horses that weren’t doing well.  They put these horses on SeaBuck, and when they saw how rapidly they improved, they put all the horse on SeaBuck. Many people noticed and commented on how much better Blane’s colts looked than other colts at the sale.

Dennis Ekins has been at Los Alamitos for 23 years. He is best known for his training standout Tolltac, one of the best sprinters in Quarter Horse racing history. Denny also won the PCQHRA Trainer Special Achievement Award in 2004. Denny is well known as the trainer of multiple champions including: Sterling Sport, Ocean Runaway, Finding Nemo, Not for Long, and Dash on a Mission. Denny has won over 1100 races with career winnings of $10.4 million.

Denny reported noticing improved appetites, improved digestive tract, and that all the horses looked and trained better after using SeaBuck Complete.

John Bassett is a two-time winner of the Los Alamitos Million and two-time winner of the All American Futurity, one of only seven trainers to win the award more than once. He was named the AQHA’s champion trainer in 2001. John has won almost 900 races and has career winnings of $13.9 million.

John said he could tell that SeaBuck helped the horses who had digestive tract problems immediately.

Trainer C. Dwayne “Sleepy” Gilbreath, who began training racehorses in the 1960s at nonpari-mutuel tracks across Texas, has won the All American Futurity twice — with On A High in 1983 and Refrigerator in 1990. He also qualified The Down Side to this year’s race. All told, Gilbreath has qualified a total of 25 horses to the All American. Since 1970, he has saddled the winners of 1,010 races and the earners of more than $16 million, including champions Significant Speed and Ed Grimley.

Jaime Gomez After learning the basics from his father in Mexico, Jaime now stands on his own as a trainer of winning racehorses. His two year-old stars in recent years have included Secret Card, Babe Watcher, Sassy Smith, Make It Anywhere, and Corona Cartel. Corona Cartel, winner of the Los Alamitos Million in 1996, is now one of the sport’s leading stallions. Jaime has won over 750 races and has career winnings over $13.6 million.

Julie Winkel, owner and founder of Maplewood Stables, is a USEF and CEF judge, and is frequently asked to judge competitions across the nation and internationally. Judging since 1984, Julie has officiated at some of America’s major horse shows, such as Devon, Harrisburg, the Hampton Classic and Upperville. She has also trained many Pacific Coast and National Champion hunters and jumpers. Julie is a certified equine appraiser and currently serves on several committees. As a trainer, she has trained and qualified many hunters and medal finalists for the National finals horse shows. As a rider, Julie has ridden and won numerous Grand Prix competitions. In 1999 she trained and rode the Reserve North American Young Jumper Champion in Monterrey, Mexico.

Julie has a horse that competes in Grand Prix events. Before using SeaBuck, the horse could only do two events: the warm-up and the main event. After using SeaBuck the same horse was able to compete in three to four events per day with no problems.

Julie also had a horse she wanted to breed. When the horse was first tested, he had a 20% motility rate. After using SeaBuck for just two months, Julie had him tested again and his motility rate had increased to 80%.

Kevin Winkel, Champion Hunter, Jumper Rider, at just 21 years of age, is one of the winningest young professionals on the show jumping circuit. He apprenticed with the legendary Olympic gold medalist, Joe Fargis, for two years before returning to ride Maplewood, Inc.’s fabulous stallions. In 2006, Kevin won the Hood River Grand Prix, The 7/8 yr.old YJC and the Open Jumper Classic at The Oaks on Cartouche Z. He won many level 7 & level 8 jumper classes on Osilvis, as well as numerous young jumper classic championships on Prix d’Amie and On Star. Kevin’s future is very promising.