Our Sea Buckthorn

What Makes SeaBuck 7 Superior

Location and timing are everything! Our founder, Bruce McMullin, traveled the globe in search of the best sea buckthorn to use in the SeaBuck 7 line of animal supplements. After years of traveling to numerous locations throughout the Northern Hemisphere, where sea buckthorn thrives, McMullin came upon the Turkistanica variety located high in the Himalayan Mountain bordering Tibet. The area’s pristine soil, virtually pollution-free air, high altitude and temperature extremes all pack the berries with a powerhouse of over 190 bioactive nutrients and the most potent amount of the miraculous Omega 7 found anywhere.

Once the location was identified McMullin and team went to the local people that had been harvesting the berries for generations, and listened to their advice. He was told to only process the ripe fruit and to employ the ancient method of beating the sea buckthorn bushes with sticks so only the fruit at the peak of freshness would fall from the branches into muslin ground cloths. The berries should also be collected in the early morning hours before the extreme heat of the sun absorbs the nutrients. Additionally, the berries should be processed and within hours to maintain the optimum benefits.

McMullin adopted the ancient, somewhat tedious harvesting methods and set up a facility to sort, separate, and process the berries and oils. The company uses local workers and pays them 4x fair market wages for their efforts. The pureed fruit is sent, via refrigerated container ships to the USA where the entire product line is packaged under strict quality standards.