Horses can be susceptible both to fatigue, as well as fatigue-related illnesses. There may be underlying reasons for the feeling of lethargy. Or it may simply be that you want your horse to have an extra feeling of vibrancy and sparkle for upcoming competitions. SeaBuck supplements can help energy levels in horses by making sure that they are maintaining the correct level of vitamins and minerals that they need in their diet with the powerful wholefood, sea buckthorn. Here are some of the ways that Sea Buckthorn can help:

Omega-7s for fatigue

Sea Buckthorn has been used medicinally since the Ancient Greek times, as both the seeds and the berries themselves are good for several internal ailments. In particular, it has anti-inflammatory properties and is also good for liver function. It’s a fact that it is a natural source of Omega-7s that make it particularly good for boosting energy levels and combating lethargy in horses. For racehorses that have vigorous exercise, this is especially important. Omega-7s help to reduce adrenal fatigue too, also known as hypoadrenia. This is the type of fatigue that can be caused by stress and the over stimulation of the horse’s adrenal glands.

A powerful antioxidant

Sea Buckthorn is a fantastic antioxidant, helping to rid the body of chemicals that it doesn’t need, in particular. In humans, it is often used to counteract the side effects of chemotherapy, used to treat cancer. In horses, Sea Buckthorn is used in a similar way. It boosts the immune system and in turn, boost energy levels. A Seabuck supplement taken regularly utilizes these natural benefits – the plant was even recognized by early Asian horseman in having a noted effect on their horses, they were quicker, more robust and healthy.

Liver function and tiredness

One of the major benefits of Sea Buckthorn is the noted effect that it has on liver function, and preventing liver damage. Scientists undertook a series of tests on rats to establish the active ingredient that helps liver function in mammals and found that extracts of the leaves had great hepatoprotective activity. They even recommended that Sea Buckthorn should be included in dietary supplements. Previous research also noted the positive effect that it has on treating heart disease, inflammation, and diabetes, by reducing levels of the protein associated with these conditions.

Anemia and lethargy

If your horse has been diagnosed with anemia, this means that they may have not just an iron deficiency, but perhaps that the red blood cells aren’t functioning as they should be. There may be underlying reasons for anemia, that should be explored by a veterinary specialist, such as infections or ulcers. Whatever the diagnosis, SeaBuck supplements are extremely good at treating the associated equine fatigue, while the anemia is also being treated.

Sea Buckthorn supplements can give your horse the natural energy boost that it needs. Whether it is for training, competitions, or simply to ensure everyday health, a regular supplement is a great remedy for the effects of equine fatigue.

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