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Buying Chickens? Read this First…

Spring is the season when many people think about adding new members to their feathered family. Some folks are just starting to raise chickens, and those baby chicks are irresistible! Chickens bring joy and companionship – and just like spring, we can look forward to enjoying the birds’ lively charm. Before you shop, try a […]

Extra Winter Care for Your Horse with Omega 7

The colder and colder it gets… the more nutritional support your horse needs. Despite our best efforts, there are many essential bio-active compounds you can include into your horses diet to help them better get through these cold months. Omega 7 can help your horse transition into spring with great health and stunning looks! So […]


The Backyard Chicken Guide Part 1

WELCOME We love chickens….and we know you do too! That’s why all of us here at SeaBuck 7 are excited to share our new blog series with you. Living with chickens can be challenging, and finding answers in the internet briar patch can be, well… discouraging – and you are not alone. That’s why we’re […]


LSU Professor Investigates SeaBuck Equine for Ulcers

All Natural Horse Supplement Proves Effective in the Treatment of Gastric Ulcers “Veterinary medicine professor Frank Andrews studied the effects of horse stomach ulcer treatment, finding sea buckthorn berries healed some parts of the stomach just as well as prescribed medication.” The LSU Reveille News Many factors like exercise, type of feed, stress levels, and […]

Why Aren’t My Chickens Laying? Post by Andrea Martin

As scarce as hen’s eggs! That’s what some chicken keepers may want to say about eggs. This is the number one question asked by bird folks. The first step towards understanding eggs, and the laying process, involves rethinking what those round “baking ingredients” really are. Eggs are nothing more than the chicken’s way of making […]

Customer Success Story: 30 Days to Improvement!

“My name is Lynn and I have an 8-year-old Quarter Horse named Frosty Bud Light that I compete on for barrel racing. Bud had issues with ulcers when I bought him and began his training as a 6-year-old. I treated with Omeprazole and had good improvement. This past summer he needed hock surgery and the […]