All Natural Horse Supplement Proves Effective in the Treatment of Gastric Ulcers

“Veterinary medicine professor Frank Andrews studied the effects of horse stomach ulcer treatment, finding sea buckthorn berries healed some parts of the stomach just as well as prescribed medication.” The LSU Reveille News

Many factors like exercise, type of feed, stress levels, and a constant use of medications are a common cause for stomach ulcers in horses. A few signs of EGUS to watch out for are poor appetite, weight loss, and a dull coat.

Travel, competition and stall confinement can also contribute to the development of ulcers. With an estimated 60-90% of adult horses suffering from EGUS, competition horses can be the highest at risk.

Statistics this high demand an effective and reliable solution.

Frank Andrews, professor and Chief of Staff at LSU School of Veterinary Medicine conducted a study with two groups of horses feeding them the same quantity and type of feed. The only difference being one group received a 4 oz. serving of SeaBuck GastroPlus (SeaBuck 7 Equine) with each meal, while the other did not.

They inserted a 9-foot endoscope through each horse’s nose to reach the stomach for periodic examination, he said.

After 35 days, Andrews said the glandular ulcers in the lower two-thirds of the stomach of the treated group were gone, but the ulcers in the squamous mucosa, the upper one-third of the stomach, did not go away.

Although sea buckthorn is still rather new in the world of modern science, new and exciting findings are continually being revealed about this amazing berry and it benefits for our equine partners.

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