We love chickens….and we know you do too!

That’s why all of us here at SeaBuck 7 are excited to share our new blog series with you. Living with chickens can be challenging, and finding answers in the internet briar patch can be, well… discouraging – and you are not alone.

That’s why we’re here to present you with a chicken care and behavior series you can trust. You can be confident that our tips and tricks are backed up by decades of chicken raising experience, enriched with veterinary advice (yes, veterinary advice) and compassion – because EVERY chicken matters!

Most poultry sites are NOT geared to you or your birds – they are just too generic. But your flock is unique and “generic” just won’t cut it.

You need answers to YOUR specific needs, and you want to experience real results. This fresh, chicken keeping series will set you on the path to success with all of the tools you’ll need to stay successful!

Locating advice is frustrating, it costs chickens their lives – and it leaves owners feeling stressed and discouraged. Are you exasperated by “grain store” gossip (just feed them some turnips and put them in a dark corner with an onion), or sales pitches that want to sell you products as “just” another customer? We hate that, too.

Here’s what you won’t get:

  • Information from someone who got chickens last year (seriously, would you go to a mechanic that just got into cars last month).
  • Someone who never consults with vets and other experts. We don’t guess. You won’t find a post telling you to rub engine oil on your rooster’s leg or drench your hen with apple cider vinegar and pepper.
  • We won’t regale you with pictures of flowers, basket weaving, umbrella painting or other crafts, that while fun, have no relevance to raising happy chickens.

Seabuck 7’s new series is not about chickens. It is about your chickens! We know Seabuck 7 is a research-based supplement that leaves your birds feeling fit and looking their fluffy best – but we take a holistic approach to flock maintenance.

Our customers have spoken and we are ready to put our years of experience to work for you and your flock.

To launch our blog series, we are going to give you the #1 secret that will put you on a foolproof path to success with your birds. And … the secret is so simple you won’t believe it.

Stay tuned for posts like:

  • Are your birds bored?
  • Are you exasperated by egg eaters?
  • Do you have a rowdy rooster?
  • Are the hens on strike?
  • Learn why feeding your chickens JUST chicken grain is asking for trouble?
  • Think your coop is safe from predators? Think again
  • Want your chickens to think you are the best friend they ever had? Here’s how…

What you don’t know can hurt your chickens. Don’t let the flock down – they are counting on you.

You love your birds. Seabuck 7 loves them too! We love questions! Have something to crow about? Leave us a note in the comment section and we will be sure to post a reply.

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