“My name is Lynn and I have an 8-year-old Quarter Horse named Frosty Bud Light that I compete on for barrel racing. Bud had issues with ulcers when I bought him and began his training as a 6-year-old. I treated with Omeprazole and had good improvement. This past summer he needed hock surgery and the stress and stall confinement brought his ulcers back. I treated with Omeprazole again and this time did not get the results I had gotten last time. I assumed Bud had hind gut ulcers but really wasn’t sure how to help him.

Bud was refusing the gate with a vengeance. He would NOT run in the pattern and became a 3D horse. Throughout everything, he continued to look amazing though. His coat was shiny and he was very fit and kept his weight on easily. He has always been a VERY picky eater. He would eat all of his feed, but it would take forever and he’d always eat hay before grain.

I was getting ready to give up on Bud when I found your product on the internet. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I ordered a bottle and within the first 30 days saw improvement…he was not quite as scary in the alleyway/outside the gate and he ran a little harder and longer in the pattern.

After 60 days, he refuses mildly and runs almost the entire pattern and is a becoming a 1D horse in a very tough area of Texas.

I’m starting my third bottle now and he is eating much faster at feeding time and will eat grain and hay together instead of hay first and taking all night to finish the grain. I am amazed at what SeaBuck has done for Bud. I always knew he could be a very talented horse, but just couldn’t convince him to give me his all.

Thanks for a product that actually works!”

~ Lynn H.- Texas









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